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Welcome to the oldest Greeves site on the web. For those of you new to Greeves, Greeves were innovative English motorcycles produced from the mid 50's to early 70's. While a very small company, Greeves produced successful "scramblers" (motocross), trials, roadsters, and even road racers. In the USA, scramblers raced in the desert and for a short time dominated. This site is devoted to the desert racers.

Greeves'first production scrambler was introduced in 1953. By the late 50's, Greeves controlled the English motocross championships and with factory rider Dave Bickers won the 1960; 1961 European Championships. In the late 50's Greeves scramblers first entered US desert races. The lightweight, nimble, and responsive 2 strokes surprised the big 4 stroke Triumphs, which dominated at the time. Greeves started winning and in a few years were claiming the top twenty spots. Many of the bikes, featured in the following pages, were raced in the Southwest deserts and hopefully will compete again in historic dirt racing.

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