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1974 CZ 250cc Motocross Here's the oddball, a 1973 CZ 250 cc, model 980/07. This bike was the personal race bike of Arizona CZ dealer, Boyd Miller. Boyd extensively modified the bike with many authentic CZ Falta parts. Modifications include: Falta alloy tank, Falta air shocks, Falta type seat, Falta air forks, and Mikuni carb. Boyd modified the frame to add brackets for the "lay down" shock position although the original mounts are also retained. The alloy rims, handlebars w/ welded on levers, motor, and exhaust are stock. The bike was never sold and remained in Boyd's possession until I purchased it. The original MSO states the bike is a 74 model and is dated January, 1975.

I recently talked to Boyd about the bike (2/07) and he verified the above information. When Boyd's shop purchased the bike from the JAWA Importer (American JAWA LTD) the importer was clearing out the black frame model for the new red frame model. According to Boyd the newer frames had a 1/2 degree head angle difference and slightly longer swing arm. Power and performance was about the same, with the main difference due to ignition changes. The older bikes, with flywheel and magnets, had better lower end performance. The newer bikes had an upgraded ignition and performed better at the top end, but tended to bog down in sand. The lower end performance better suited Boyd's riding style and conditions. Boyd raced the bike extensively, but it still retains it's original piston.

I asked Boyd about the black frame. Even though he added the Falta parts for looks and performance, he intentionally retained the black frame. Today the bike is exactly as he raced it and will remain that way as long as it is in my care.

I also asked Boyd about the history of his shop and affiliation with CZ. Boyd's shop, County Cycles (Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ), acquired a CZ dealership in late 1974 when Boyd attended the CZ show where CZ was offering black frame CZs at very good prices. The bikes would retail for $799 (250cc) and $899 (380cc) with plenty of profit. On top of that, if the shop ordered batches of bikes the price was further reduced by $50/bike for 12 or $100/bike for 24. The original order was sold before he got back to the shop and he ended up selling over 100 of the black frame bikes. Boyd ordered and sold several batches of 24 bikes. On his last order of 6 bikes only two sold right away and the remaining 4 sat in the shop for awhile. The bike in this picture is one of the four remaining bikes. There was one other CZ dealer in Phoenix, but Boyd doesn't recall them selling any of the black frame bikes. Boyd continued his CZ dealership up till 1979 when he closed the shop.


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