Greeves Logo Challenger Sidecover Plate

Greeves 1969 380 Griffon The second and third Greeves. The bike in front is a 69 380 Griffon and the one behind is a 67 MX5 Challenger (Ceriani telescopic fork model). Both of these bikes were "ridden hard and put up wet", as my Uncle used to say. Even though they are virtually "basket cases" they still have most of their original parts, mainly needing lots of TLC. The Challenger underwent a complete mechanical restoration in Dec., 2001 and is once again running great!
1974 CZ 250cc Motocross I saved the worst for last - a 69/70 380 Griffon rolling frame (the 1/2 Greeves). In all the deals, I acquired a complete 250cc Challenger engine / gearbox and a partial 250 Griffon engine, one of which could be rigged to fit. The project may not be hopeless, but will definitely need lots of TLC to make it a running motorcycle again.

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