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Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger
This is my first Greeves, a 1967 MX5 - Challenger.  With just a couple of hours cleaning and changing fluids, it miraculously started after 16+ years in storage!  The clutch cable was broken so no riding that day; however, the previous owner had a brand new spare and that problem has been fixed.   Currently, I'm changing the engine seal so have not yet ridden it. 
Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger Considering the bikes race history, it is very clean.  It is unrestored and everything appears to be original (the carb and air box being the exception). The original Amal carburetor was replaced with a Mikuni by the first owner when he raced it.  I feel that the Mikuni is now part of the bikes history and plan on leaving it as is.
Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger
This Challenger was raced in California during the late 60's / early 70's by the first owner.  Part of the racing documentation included with the bike was his 1974 DRA (Desert Racing Association) expert plate.  This plate was still  attached to the bike when the second owner acquired it.  The DRA races were held in California and the low "expert" number 44 indicated that the first owner was a very competitive rider.
Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger Boyd, the second owner, also raced the bike in Arizona desert events.  He acquired the bike while he owned the County Cycle Sales & Service shop.  His shop's sticker is still attached to the rear fender of the MX5. 
Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger This picture was taken by Boyd about the time he put the bike in storage (1982?).  He had just ridden it in an AZ desert race, the first and only time he raced it.  The 484 was his assigned number for the race and these plates were still attached when I purchased the bike.  The bike looked virtually  identical to these pictures when I picked it up 16 years later.
Greeves 1967 MX5 Challenger Another pictures by Boyd.
Greeves 1967 MX5 ChallengerGreeves 1967 MX5 Challenger A couple of pictures showing the leading link front end and rear suspension.
Technical Specifications

Model 1967 MX5 Challenger
Engine 250 cc 2 Stroke
Weight 217 lb
Wheelbase 51.5 in
Gearbox 4 Speed Albion
Front Suspension Leading Link w/ Girling Shocks