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Greeves 1968 MX6 Challenger
Greeves 1968 MX6 Challenger
Greeves 1968 MX6 Challenger
The latest Greeves is a 1968 MX6 Challenger.  This model is somewhat mysterious since the British experts do not recognize it was ever built.  Very little information is available on this model, but the US owners I've consulted feel that the MX6 was built for Nick Nicholson, the west coast distributor, and sold exclusively in the USA. 

The MX6 used an updated Challenger frame, same as the MX5, and the new 250 engine developed for the Griffon (increased horsepower to 30 form 27).  Cosmetically the bike is very similar to the MX5 Challenger with the notable exception of the expansion chamber, which is much more sophisticated than the MX5's.

I acquired the MX6 in the winter of 2001 from southern California.  The previous owner e-mailed me midyear wanting to find out about the bike and determine it's value (the pictures on this page were taken by the previous owner during the identification process).  He wanted to sell the bike and established a reasonable price; however the price was just a little higher than my threshold.  To help him, I placed the bike on this site.  Just before the trip to pick up the MX2, I called him about the bike and found out it was still available.  By then he was willing to negotiate the price and I picked it up a couple of weeks later.

The bike is very complete, unrestored, and in great shape.  It still has many components that are missing on my other Greeves from this period - rear fiberglass mudguard, airbox, chaingaurd, etc.  The only notable exceptions are the missing alloy front/rear mudguards and the solid rear chain sprocket (may be original ?).  The previous owners had taken very good care of the bike and it was in running condition when I got it - I only had to replace the throttle cable to make it dirt worthy!  Since acquiring it, I've taken it out riding several times.  Great fun!

Technical Specifications

Model 1968 24 MX6 Challenger
Engine 246 cc 2 Stroke
Weight 215 lb
Gearbox 4 Speed Albion