Greeves Logo Challenger Sidecover Plate

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2002 Greeves Days Here are a few pictures from the 2002 Greeves Days in Pozo, Ca.  Over 30 Greeves were entered in the Show and 10 bikes were ridden in the Trials.
David Hemsley's TT Challenger.   He just finished restoring it in the UK.   It was shipped back from the US in bits some years ago by Andrew King and David purchased it from him.  After gradually collecting the missing parts with Danny Vitaletti's help, he restored and rode it at the Greeves 50th Anniversary show.  The TT is a rare bike and this is probably the only one in the UK.
ISDT Project 
Here are pictures of an ISDT Greeves Mike Browne rescued.
A collection of Pathfinder pictures e-mailed by their owners.  An Enduro and Trials version are featured.