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It's been a few years since I've updated the Greeves Scramblers site - changing careers, moving, marriage, life has diverted my attention away from the Greeves. However, the time has come to rectify the situation. Needless to say, over the years the collection has grown to twelve Greeves (twenty bikes overall). Here's a story about one of the most interesting bikes in the collection, a 1971 Greeves Griffon 250 cc Motocrosser.

Boyd Miller, the former Greeves Dealer in Phoenix who introduced me to motorcycling in general and Greeves in particular, told me the following story. One day in the 70's (a few years after closing the dealership) Boyd was driving to the auto parts store (being a gear head, he liked to take indirect routes through neighborhoods looking for old cars, bikes, tractors, equipment, etc.) when he saw a gentleman (Richard Leggee) pushing a Greeves out of a Garage. As he approached, the bike fell over on the owner. Well, Boyd stopped to help ... to shorten the story, Boyd ended up buying the bike. It was a 250 cc Griffon MX (56E) in blue metalflake. The owner had bought the bike new to ride with his son in the desert; however, the son was a much more proficient rider and the bike had only been ridden a few times before it was retired to the garage. The owner had taken loving care of the bike - installed many "trick" ("farkels" or "bling" in today's lexicon) parts, kept it in garage, religiously cleaned and polished it. Other than the mods, the bike was completely original and in great shape.

I don't believe Boyd ever touched the bike. When Boyd retired and moved to the mountains, I bought the bike in a package deal. Like Boyd, I have never touched the bike. It has sat in Boyd's and my garages just as Boyd bought it (with a few decades of accumulated protective dust and grime).

Shortly after buying the bike, the original owner's son contacted looking for the bike and inquired if it was for sale. At the time I had just acquired the bike and was not ready to part with it. However, the time has come to thin out the herd and I'm thinking about selling this one. This is a very nice original, unmolested, Greeves. They don't come any more original then this. If interested let me know.

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