Greeves Logo Challenger Sidecover Plate

Ed Hertfelder's humorous stories recount how things "was" in the dim depths of time - when today's "vintage" desert racers were hot off the showroom floor. Ed's stories are full of insight that could only come from someone who was really there. The Way We Was and Moveable Trademark stories are of particular interest to Greeves riders. These articles were originally linked to Trail Rider Magazine, but the articles have been deleted and had to be rescued from the web archive. Enjoy!

..."Then, almost out of nowhere (Thundersley, England, is a suburb of Nowhere), came a trail bike called Greeves, designed so simply that it had less than fifty percent of a Triumph's parts and was advertised as THE STONE AXE"...from The Way We Was

Don't mean to run this Greeves business into the ground, but the more I think about it the more I realize the Greeves was a real breakthrough motorcycle... from Moveable Trademark


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