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Frank Conley, "The Greeves Guru", has a new website! Frank's business is Greeves motorcycles. He is not a shop dealing in current brand motorcycles with a few old Greeves parts in the back - he only deals in Greeves. Over the last decades, he has accumulated the parts inventories of the former East and West Coast Greeves distributors as well as many former dealers. If you are restoring for show or racing he has the parts to bring your Greeves back to life.

I met Frank for the first time several summers ago when I dropped in on him in Carmel Valley, CA. He was very gracious, giving me a guided tour of his facilities and personally showing off his brand new web site. Great site with a very nice page on Greeves history. Frank is legendary in the Greeves community and he is more than willing to share his knowledge. By his own admission, the best way to communicate with Frank is by phone (phone number and calling tips are on his site). Frank is very passionate about Greeves and more than willing to talk about them, " just as long as it is on your dime". :-)

AHRMA The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is a member owned nonprofit association dedicated to enhancing the sport of historic motorcycle racing. Need I say more?
AMS If you've been riding a long time you might remember back when motorcycle shops were run by people who actually rode and loved motorcycles. Arizona Motorcycle Sales (AMS Racing) is still that way. Dave, the owner, was a big help when I needed to set up the old Mikuni carb on the Challenger (no extra charge for the advise and we stripped it down right on the sales counter!). AMS is an active sponsor of Phoenix and national vintage motocross events.


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