Greeves Logo Challenger Sidecover Plate

The classic motorcycle movie ON ANY SUNDAY contains quite a few Greeves shots.  Even though Greeves had peaked when the movie was filmed (primarily in 1970/71), Greeves were still successfully competing.  Most people do not realize that the a Greeves 360 Challenger was featured in the signature "cow trailing" scenes with Mert Lawwill, Steve McQueen, and Malcolm Smith.  The Challenger was Mert's personal bike.  Since he was as sponsored rider, he covered the Greeves stickers with Harley Sprint labels, which confused many people.  Below are screen captures from some of the clearer Greeves shots. 
00:28:15  The first clear Greeves shot is a Griffon 380 "Twin Piper".
00:47:20  The Elsinor Grand Prix start has several bikes that look like Greeves (the pictures are fuzzy and smoky, so can not tell for sure).  304, at left, and 302, at right, both have leading link front ends and appear to be Greeves.
00:48:30 Many of the Greeves shots show Greeves in various states of distress.  Here a Challenger (looks like a 68 MX6) is stuck in the mud.
00:48:30  The Stuck Greeves owner.  Love that vest with Greeves patch.
01:15:05  The start of the desert race.  This race was actually filmed several years earlier for the wide world of sports and many of the racers were bound to be Greeves.
01:16:50  A Challenger owner picks his bike up after a featured crash.
01:23:25  Here Mert Lawwill, Steve McQueen, and Malcolm Smith get set to go "cow trailing".  The blue bike in front is Mert's 360 Challenger.  Mert is standing at left, Steve is at right, and Malcolm is in the truck bed.
01:24:10  Mert (left) and Malcolm (right) about to unload on Steve.
00:05:25  Mert and Malcolm check out their handiwork.  This picture is from On Any Sunday Revisited - Malcolm, Motocross, and More. 
01:24:35  Mert kicks up his heels.
01:25:15  Here is a series of pictures showing the threesome catching air in the Baja dunes.
01:25:35  Mert by himself.
01:25:50  A series of shots showing Mert taking a header in the soft stuff.  The bike was fine.  :-)
01:26:45  Mert on the beach at Pendelton.
01:26:50  The best Greeves shot in the movies.  Mert and Steve having fun on the Pendelton beach.  Check out Mert's facial expression.