Day two, Sunday, started with a thorough interior cleaning.  The junk laying on the floor and the bedding went to the trash pile.  A lot of dust, but otherwise fairly clean.  Very little personal effects were in the trailer.

Pinesol for the floor and kitchen,  Murphy’s Oil Soap on the wood.  The trailer looked and smelled great.

Max, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, moved his bed in after the floor was clean and spent the day with me.  He had no problem relaxing and took to the trailer right away.

There were a few surprises, some good some not so good.  The stove is awesome, looks new.  The front benches are in fair shape – a tear and some loose stitching, but serviceable.  I love the western embossed naugahyde!  There is extensive water damage to the rear sleeping area where a previous owner made some repairs and painted the walls PURPLE.  What was he/she thinking????

There was also an electric / propane fridge where the ice box belongs.  I removed it and discarded it in the trash pile.  Unfortunately, the fridge installers butchered the outside of the trailer with an access door and “jack leg” louvered aluminum vent – nether installed correctly.  I’ll try to find an original replacement ice box or turn the opening into cabinet storage (using ice box hardware, of course).  The outside will need new skin to fix the openings.

The good news is that the interior is fairly intact and in good shape.  The cleaning gave me a chance to assess the structural issues.  The skin needs to come off and the framing rebuilt. It’s not falling apart, but definitely needs work.  How much is to be determined.

At the end of the day, with the sun setting, it was very relaxing sitting on the front bench with a drink.  Relaxing on the bench seats with all the birch paneling, Douglas fir trim, and aluminum interior takes you back to a simpler time.  I’m looking forward to taking Max and Lola on our first camping trip.

Below is a gallery of pictures from the day.