Patina or Polish?

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There is a balance between keeping the original patina and restoring.  In most cases I favor leaving the patina where possible: however, I have a dilemma concerning the door plate. The plate looks like it is probably brass.  Over time … Continued

Hehr Me Now

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One of the first items on the punch list was to fix Lola’s broken windows.  When I picked her up, Lola had three broken windows – rear window, one kitchen awning window, and one of the four small front awning windows.  It was … Continued

The Punch List

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While sitting in a long tele conference, I began a punch list for all the work Lola needs.  It is quite a list, but I look forward to doing the work.  My goal is to have her exterior and structure … Continued

Cool Trailer Finds

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There were not many personal items left in the trailer.  Other than a few items on the floor, there was very little in the trailer.  Overall the trailer does not seem to have been heavily used.  There was a coating of dust on … Continued

The Begining

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It all started with a short Craigslist post.  Something like, “1953 Westerner Travel Trailer” located in Bakersfield, Ca. and not much else.  The 4 pictures were equally obscure – low resolution and poorly lit. See for yourself: However, the price was right and I … Continued