Patina vs Polish II

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Ok, several comments suggested I polish Lola’s name plate.  The plate was heavily tarnished and very difficult to polish.  A thick layer of black residue covered the entire plate, which was virtually impervious to the polish.  I had to resort to half a lime, salt, and lots of elbow grease just to clean the plate.  Even then it does not polish up to a high shine and black residue remains on the corners.  The plate appears to be brass, with etched lettering and logo, not stamped.  The back is flat and featureless.  Possibly, there was a layer of copper plating over the brass at one time.

Here’s the results so far:



For reference here’s the plate as it looked on the trailer door.



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  1. Dan


    Looks 100% better. Wonder if a power washer would get in those nooks and crannies? I like the detail in rope lettering. Once you get it polished up, are you going to protect it with some sort of clear coat finish?


    • Owner


      The plaque is about the size of a business card. The pictures may make is look more substantial than it is in real life. Something like an ultra sonic cleaner might help. The black tarnish is really quite tenacious. I’m debating whether to top coat or not. Top coating may help keep it bright longer, but will have to come off to polish in the future. I’ll probably leave it uncoated and polish periodically.


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