Right Rear

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Spent Easter afternoon working on Lola’s right rear quarter.  The bottom skirt board (1″ x) was completely gone and the cross member was split in two by the window.  The rest of the framing was pretty good; however I decided to replace all the vertical and horizontal support pieces anyway. The old support wood was brittle and broken on the ends where the staples were installed.  Replacing the support pieces provided good wood and a more precise fit for fastening the Kregg screws. My friend Mike came over to lend a hand and mastered the Kregg pocket hole tool.

One unpleasant, but not unexpected, discovery was bent outriggers.  Interestingly the frame board (2″ x) was in good shape and still attached to both outriggers through the floor with carriage bolts.  Unfortunately, both the right rear outriggers were damaged.  The forward outrigger was still attached to the 2″ x, but severely bent and twisted forward toward the tire.  The rear outrigger was attached at the correct location to the 2″ x, but the vertical angle was flattened.  I’m  probably going to replace the two rear angles, so holding off on replacing the lower skirt board and frame board until the angles are sorted.