Frame Repair Ideas

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While repairing Lola’s side structure, I had the opportunity to inspect the metal substructure (frame) where the sides connect to the metal “outrigger” supports.  The metal framing is fairly simple, two main longitudinal “C” channels and four transverse “L” angle … Continued

Misc Interesting Trailer Stuff

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This page will be for links to interesting trailer items, I find while researching the restoration process:     This is the Car Glo acid Mobiltec recommends for cleaning aluminum windows.  See his video for the details:

Exposing the other cheek.

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The Sunday after Easter, I worked on Lola’s streetside rear quarter.  It took a couple of hours to disassemble the J-rail, siding screws, windows, etc. in preparation for removing the left rear siding.  Once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how well … Continued

Lola’s great day at the the DMV

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When I purchased Lola a few weeks ago, I went to the local DMV and started the registration process.  I knew it was going to be interesting since Lola had been sold several times without being registered by the new … Continued

Right Rear

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Spent Easter afternoon working on Lola’s right rear quarter.  The bottom skirt board (1″ x) was completely gone and the cross member was split in two by the window.  The rest of the framing was pretty good; however I decided … Continued

Paint Scheme

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With the start of the structural rebuild, I’m thinking of a unique paint scheme for Lola when she gets her new siding.  Something period and classy. There are not many pictures of 1953 Westerners for inspiration.  The 53 and 54 … Continued

A peek under Lola’s skirt!

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  Friday evening, after two rainy weekends, I finally had a chance to remove Lola’s Aluminum skin on the front curb-side and asses the damage.  It was a pleasant surprise to see that the damage was primarily curtailed to the … Continued

Patina vs Polish II

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Ok, several comments suggested I polish Lola’s name plate.  The plate was heavily tarnished and very difficult to polish.  A thick layer of black residue covered the entire plate, which was virtually impervious to the polish.  I had to resort … Continued

More 3D Modeling

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3D Modeling Lola was not only fun but provided insight into the canned ham construction process.  The model will allow me to work out many of the little details prior to reconstruction and hopefully save time.  The modeling process produced … Continued

Lola, The 3D Model

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The plan was to peak under Lola’s skirts last weekend and begin the reconstruction process; however, mother nature had other ideas – steady rain.  We need the precipitation here in Nor Cal, so no complaints.  To make good use of the … Continued