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Boyd A vintage picture of Boyd in front of his infamous garage, probably taken in the early 80's. When I first saw the garage (around 1996) it still looked very much like this - restored tractor, old trucks, old cars, and wall to wall cycles. Many of the cycles shown in these pictures now pasture in my garage (recent pictures are presented in the Desert Racer pages) Like the bikes, Boyd has aged well and still looks about the same (Boyd does not pasture in my garage, he retired to the Az mountains). The Challenger in front became my first Greeves. Below are links to more of Boyd's pictures. The top link shows vintage action shots of Boyd and his Greeves competing at various desert races. The bottom link presents vintage static pictures of the bikes. These pictures are from Boyd's personal collection which he allowed me to scan for the site. Thanks Boyd!
Boyd in action! Vintage pictures of Boyd and his Greeves in Action
Boyd's bikes at rest. Vintage pictures of Boyd's Greeves at rest

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