Greeves Logo Challenger Sidecover Plate

Boyd picture Boyd riding the QUB at the Buckeye MX Track.  Taken around 1973.
Boyd picture Gary Hickerson (#2) riding the QUB at Taylor. Gary was one of the County Cycle (Boyd's shop) riders.
Boyd picture Boyd riding at Tucson 4th Annual GP - April, 1982. The bike is a 250 Griffon fitted with a 380 twin pipe engine.
Boyd picture Boyd on a MX5 250cc Challenger. This is the bike restored by my brother.
Boyd picture Boyd riding the QUB at the Gila Bend 75 Mile GP - April 13, 1975.
Boyd picture Foster (39), another County Cycles rider - March, 1973.
Boyd picture Close up of Foster - March, 1973.
Boyd picture Another Foster picture - March, 1973.

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